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2011-07-23 21.17

The Shield of Repulsion

The Shield of Repulsion is currently the only shield in the Aether Mod. It is a round shield characterized by its blue outer ring with a grey circle towards the middle with a yellow center. Its special ability is that, when you stand still, all projectiles fired at you will bounce off harmlessly (like when you try to shoot the Sun Spirit, except that it is moving). When equipped, the screen will attain a blue filter if you stand still. When looking at yourself in your inventory, Third-Person, or Second-Person, you will see yourself covered in a blue force field sort of cover. Armor and Accessories work with the Shield of Repulsion, all except for gloves.

It seems to have been removed in Aether II although there is still an equipment slot for shields.

Known Bugs[]

  • Zephyr's snowballs still knock you back, instead of firing back at the Zephyr. Note that this has been fixed as of the Aether 1.9 Pre-release.
  • Gloves become invisible at inventory screen while shield is equipped.
  • Shield shows up white when you hold it.


  • When the Shield of Repulsion is placed in the Book of Lore Vol.3, it says, Found in Dungeons. Place it in shield slot. While standing still all projectiles will bounce off you.