The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The Silver Dungeon is the second dungeon of the three Dungeons in The Aether. Silver Dungeons look like giant temples and have pillar blocks around them. Inside are several chests with loot, with some Mimics disguising as a few of those. You will also see Valkyries which, if you fight and kill them, will drop a Victory Medal on death (Valkyries are powerful mobs and you should not attempt to kill them until you are equipped with strong armor and have several healing items). Get ten Victory Medals and you will be allowed to fight the Valkyrie Queen and kill her to get the key to the silver Dungeon chest.

As of Aether II, this dungeon has NOT been implemented yet, however photos of a silver dungeon covered in vines with the text "Broken, decaying, overgrown... but never forgotten." has been posted on the Aether Facebook page so it is possible their will be a silver dungeon ruin in the near future.


  • If you attack a valkyrie on peaceful. it will become hostile and disspear. but it wont attack you.