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Skyroot Trap Door
Display Skyroot Trap Door

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Skyroot Trap Door
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast resistance 15
Hardness 3
Tool Axe
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Itself
Data value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

Skyroot Trap Door is a type of mechanism block found in the Aether.


To break a trap door, attack it. It does not require an axe to be obtained, and so, will drop even if mined with bare hands, but mining it with an axe is faster.

Block SkyrootTrapDoor Skyroot Trap Door
Hardness 3
Tool Axe
Breaktex Breaking time
Hand 4.5
Skyroot 2.25
Holystone 1.20
Zanite and Valkyrie* 1.15
Gravitite 1.0

*Times are from unenchanted tools in seconds, and Zanite with max durability.


Crafting GUI

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Plank

Grid Skyroot Trap Door



Skyroot Trap Doors can be open and closed by the player or via redstone power and act as barriers to keep other players and mobs out of areas except function in a vertical manner unlike normal doors. Skyroot Trap Doors cannot be placed without a solid block attached to them.

When placed, Skyroot Trap Doors will occupy the top or bottom portion of blocks. Skyroot Trap Doors can be moved by Pistons and 'hinges' will be considered it's attaching blocks.


  • In the original The Aether mod, Skyroot Trap Doors were not present.

Data values[]

Skyroot Trap Door's data values are:

Name ID name DV
SkyrootTrapDoor Skyroot Trap Door aether:skyrootTrapDoor 255 (dec), FF (hex), 11111111 (bin)


Issues relating to Skyroot Trap Door block are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Skyroot Trap Door there.