The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

A Green Skyroot tree in the Aether

Green Skyroot Trees are commonly found in the Aether, and act as the primary source for building materials such as Skyroot Planks. They grow naturally on Aether Dirt upon entering the Aether. The trunk consists of Skyroot Logs and the foliage of Skyroot Leaves, which occasionaly drop Saplings. The leaves are light green, much lighter than their surface counterparts, and the trunk is dark brown.

There have been reports of a deficiency of Skyroot Trees and Saplings in some Aether worlds, leaving the player without any logs or planks in some areas. The player should have some Overworld tree logs and planks with him/her when entering the Aether to have enough Skyroot Planks to create the necessary tools, or gather many blocks to bridge out to another island in search for new Skyroot Trees.

It is also advised to make a Skyroot Tree Farm or Golden Oak Tree farm as soon as possible, as the player will have an easier acess to Skyroot Logs and/or Golden Amber.

Aether II[]

In Aether II, they have been renamed to Green Skyroot Trees and now spawn in more varied patterns as compared to the one pattern they would always spawn in before. They can spawn in several different shapes, such as very tall or very wide (like normal Oak trees in the Overworld do).