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Display Slider.png
Health 500 (120px-Heart.svg.png × 250)
Spawn Slider's Labyrinth dungeons
Damage 8 (120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png)
Drops Loot Table

Sliders are boss mobs found at the end of Slider's Labyrinth dungeons. 


There is one Slider per instance of Slider's Labyrinth dungeon. In order to be able to fight it, the player must defeat three mini-bosses (Sentry Guardian, Slider Host Mimic, and Labyrinth Eye) in the dungeon to obtain keys, which are needed to open a Slider's door.


Slider bosses can only be hurt via pickaxes and is immune to all other forms of weapons. The Slider may also charge at the player again right after attacking the player once, and has the capability to spawn different Sentry types to thwart the player.

After reaching critical health, a Slider will turn red and move much faster. Sliders are capable destroying any type of block that is not Divine Carved Stone or Divine Sentry Stone. Upon defeat, a Slider will drop a large assortment of loot, ranging from simple food items to valuable armor and weapons.


Item Chance Stack Size
Grid holy sword.png Holy Sword 5.66% 1
Grid Lightning Knife.png Lightning Knife 5.28% 16
Grid Iron Bubble.png Iron Bubble 4.91% 1
Grid Pig Slayer.png Pig Slayer 4.15% 1
Grid Flaming Sword.png Flaming Sword 4.15% 1
Grid Neptune Gloves.png Neptune Gloves 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Boots.png Neptune Boots 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Helmet.png Neptune Helmet 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Leggings.png Neptune Leggings 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Chestplate.png Neptune Chestplate 3.77% 1
Grid Skyroot Ring.png Skyroot Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Bone Ring.png Bone Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Soaring Stone.png Soaring Stone 3.40% 1
Grid Daggerfrost Locket.png Daggerfrost Locket 3.40% 1
Grid Sentry Boots.png Sentry Boots 3.40% 1
Grid Hammer of Notch.png Hammer of Notch 3.02% 1
Grid Lightning Sword.png Lightning Sword 3.02% 1
Grid Fleeting Stone.png Fleeting Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Lucky Bell.png Lucky Bell 2.26% 1
Grid Frostbound Stone.png Frostbound Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Frostpine Totem.png Frostpine Totem 2.26% 1
Grid Phoenix Gloves.png Phoenix Gloves 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Helmet.png Phoenix Helmet 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Boots.png Phoenix Boots 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Leggings.png Phoenix Leggings 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Chestplate.png Phoenix Chestplate 1.89% 1
Grid Ethereal Stone.png Ethereal Stone 1.51% 1
Grid Candy Ring.png Candy Ring 1.51% 1
Grid Death Seal.png Death Seal 1.13% 1
Grid Shard of Life.png Shard of Life 1.13% 1
Grid Regeneration Stone.png Regeneration Stone 1.13% 1
Grid Vampire Blade.png Vampire Blade 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Gloves.png Valkyrie Gloves 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Boots.png Valkyrie Boots 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Helmet.png Valkyrie Helmet 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Leggings.png Valkyrie Leggings 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Chestplate.png Valkyrie Chestplate 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Axe.png Valkyrie Axe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Shovel.png Valkyrie Shovel 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Pickaxe.png Valkyrie Pickaxe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Lance.png Valkyrie Lance 0.75% 1
Grid Ear Caps.png Mouse Ear Cap 0.38% 1
Grid Orb of Arkenzus.png Orb of Arkenzus 0.38% 1


A strategy on how to avoid the Slider's attacks.

  • The best strategy to attack a Slider without losing any health is to stay at the 4x4 grid in the middle of the room. If the Slider goes down (yellow arrow), you go up (yellow arrow).
  • It is possible to go to a corner and rapidly hit the Slider with a pickaxe. Although this requires a lot of food and good armor, it will kill it in a relatively short amount of time.
  • If the Slider falls with Sentries under it, it will also crush the Sentries.
  • Although its eyes glow in the dark, lighting up the room first is advised.
  • (For those playing the Aether mod as part of a modpack) It is recommended to use pickaxes only available from vanilla Minecraft and the Aether mod, as pickaxes sourced from other mods are not guaranteed to damage the Slider unless the Aether mod has been made compatible with other mods.


  • There is also an easter egg in the texture file for the Slider's door that says "Door is Life, Door is Love" with a picture of what looks like a mudkip.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
Like a Bossaru.png Like a Bossaru! Conquer the Slider's Labyrinth No Turning Back Defeat the Slider boss


Issues relating to Slider mob are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Slider there.


The Aether

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.02:
    • Sliders are now immune to non-pickaxe tools and weapons
    • Sliders now cannot be moved with the Hammer of Notch projectile
  • 1.04: Fixed the Slider boss's eye brightness

Aether II

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • Fixed choppy movement
  • 1.7.10-1.5:
    • Slider's fight has revisited it's more classic days! We've tweaked how the Slider reacts with multiple people, and made him no longer break blocks.
    • Sliders no longer destroys the boss room.
    • Slider's boss room's door now reseals while fighting.
    • Sliders now drops a maximum of 16 lightning knives in one stack.