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Slider's Labyrinths are dimensions found in the Aether. They are the first and currently the only dungeons introduced in the Aether II. They are a large maze-like formation that will easily kill unprepared players. The Slider is the main boss of Slider's Labyrinths.

To enter, the player or party must find a Totem inside a small structure made up of Divine Carved Stone and Divine Sentry Stone, which can be found randomly on the surface of islands. To enter, simply right click the Totem in the structure and accept the warning that pops up. Upon entering, the player will be teleported into a Slider's Labyrinth.


Slider's Labyrinths are technically considered dimensions since they each occupy their own unique instance, unlike such as a vanilla Dungeon or Stronghold. They functionally behave like structures, having very specific generation rules, exclusive mobs, and unique loot tables. Instances are in a single separate dimension, like the Overworld, Nether, Aether, or The End. Each instance is separated by several thousand blocks of completely indestructible Blood Moss Holystone.


Each Slider's Labyrinth chest contains 2–6 item stacks, with the following distribution:

Item Chance Stack Size
Grid Cornstarch.png Cornstarch Bowl 8.65% 1
Grid Ambrosium Torch.png Ambrosium Torch 8.65% 2-8
Grid Wheat.png Wheat 8.65% 1-12
Grid Cocoabeans.png Cocoa Beans 8.65% 1-6
Grid Skyroot Stick.png Skyroot Stick 8.65% 1-12
Grid Skyroot Plank.png Skyroot Plank 8.65% 1-10
Grid Ambrosium Shard.png Ambrosium Shard 8.07% 1-12
Grid Cookie.png Cookie 6.92% 1-8
Grid Blue Berry.png Blue Berry 6.92% 1-8
Grid Carved Stone.png Carved Stone 5.76% 1-20
Grid Sentry Stone.png Sentry Stone 5.76% 1-20
Grid Orange.png Orange 4.61% 1-8
Grid Raw Porkchop.png Raw Porkchop 3.46% 1-6
Grid Blue Gummy Swet.png Gummy Swet 2.31% 1-4
Grid Zanite Gemstone.png Zanite Gemstone 1.73% 1-3
Grid Baby Pink Swet.png Baby Pink Swet 0.58% 1
Grid Kraisith Capsule.png Kraisith Capsule 0.58% 1
Grid Fangrin Capsule.png Fangrin Capsule 0.58% 1
Grid Recording 892.png Recording 892 0.29% 1
Grid Continuum Orb.png Continuum Orb 0.29% 1
Grid Continuum Bomb.png Continuum Bomb 0.29% 1


The main goal of Slider's Labyrinth is to defeat the main boss Slider, but in order to fight it, you must first defeat the three minibosses in order to acquire their Dungeon Keys and then find the entrance for the boss room, which is easily defined by a giant door, usually near the Totem, however it can spawn somewhere else within Slider's Labyrinth.

Each of the minibosses have enough power to easily overwhelm a player and kill them, so caution should be taken and you should be as prepared as possible before you or party members attacks them. They spawn in their own big area, allowing lots of movement for dodging. All minibosses are neutral, allowing you to prepare as much as you want before taking them on. Upon killing a miniboss, you will get a Dungeon Key (not physical, instead it is shown in the top right) which is required to open the door to the Slider's room.

Further information: Slider Host Mimic

The Slider Host Mimic is a mini boss in the Slider's Labyrinth. It resembles the feared mystical construct, the Slider, but as its name implies, it is nothing more than just a mimic. Despite being a mimic of the Slider, one should not underestimate it as it is still powerful enough to kill players with ease. It attacks by summoning three red cubes that follow the player similar to the slider, while the mimic itself will move around on legs.

Further information: Sentry Guardian

The Sentry Guardian looks like a much larger version of the Tracking Golem found throughout the Slider's Labyrinth, with the exception of having no legs. The Sentry Guardian floats around, and can one hit kill on contact with the player. His other attack is to spawn Detonation Sentries which do not despawn after battle. The Sentry Guardian also has an immunity to darts. A prolonged battle against one will probably end with a large group of Detonation Sentries spawned if one is not careful.

Further information: Labyrinth's Eye

The Labyrinth's Eye is a gear-like mini-boss that will lose gears upon being struck which will bounce around the room. It looks like multiple gears, vertically circling a small, gray cube. Every time it loses gears, it's physical appearance changes, losing one of it's gears until it is only a floating cube. One should finish the battle as soon as possible, as the lower health the Eye has, the more gears there are in the room, which can easily kill a player if one takes too long.


Further information: Slider

The Slider is the final boss in the Slider's Labyrinth, which can only be harmed by pickaxes. If attacked with any other object a message will appear stating that Slider is a rock/solid block, alluding to the way to defeat him. It is recommended to bring a large amount of pickaxes due to losing 2 durability with every hit, although higher-tier pickaxes would be much better due to the higher damage they output.

After you open the door to the Slider's room, you should see it in the middle of the room on top of a pedestal. To start the battle, just hit it with a pickaxe. When you start the fight all party members (if you are in a party) will be teleported to the room and the door will be closed once again. The only way to leave the room is by disconnecting, dying or by killing the Slider.

Because of its large size the slider can only move in a straight line, so whilst fighting attempt to stay diagonal from it at all times. Upon the sliders death a message reading "Dungeon Conquered" in red will appear in the top right corner of the screen in the same location as the keys were.

Upon killing the Slider, each party member will see their own loot on the floor (So as to give everyone a equal chance of getting equipment) and each member can only take their own loot. After the slider is defeated, the player(s) can build in the Slider's Labyrinth and make it into their own base. If the player(s) rejoin the Slider's Labyrinth, however no new Slider's Labyrinth will generate and it will just load the Slider's Labyrinth as the players left it.

Note that creating a new party will cause the Slider's Labyrinth to change, as every Slider's Labyrinth is based on what your party is named or if you have a party at all.


Each Slider will drop a random assortment of items upon dying, with the following distribution:

Item Chance Stack Size
Grid holy sword.png Holy Sword 5.66% 1
Grid Lightning Knife.png Lightning Knife 5.28% 16
Grid Iron Bubble.png Iron Bubble 4.91% 1
Grid Pig Slayer.png Pig Slayer 4.15% 1
Grid Flaming Sword.png Flaming Sword 4.15% 1
Grid Neptune Gloves.png Neptune Gloves 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Boots.png Neptune Boots 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Helmet.png Neptune Helmet 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Leggings.png Neptune Leggings 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Chestplate.png Neptune Chestplate 3.77% 1
Grid Skyroot Ring.png Skyroot Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Bone Ring.png Bone Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Soaring Stone.png Soaring Stone 3.40% 1
Grid Daggerfrost Locket.png Daggerfrost Locket 3.40% 1
Grid Sentry Boots.png Sentry Boots 3.40% 1
Grid Hammer of Notch.png Hammer of Notch 3.02% 1
Grid Lightning Sword.png Lightning Sword 3.02% 1
Grid Fleeting Stone.png Fleeting Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Lucky Bell.png Lucky Bell 2.26% 1
Grid Frostbound Stone.png Frostbound Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Frostpine Totem.png Frostpine Totem 2.26% 1
Grid Phoenix Gloves.png Phoenix Gloves 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Helmet.png Phoenix Helmet 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Boots.png Phoenix Boots 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Leggings.png Phoenix Leggings 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Chestplate.png Phoenix Chestplate 1.89% 1
Grid Ethereal Stone.png Ethereal Stone 1.51% 1
Grid Candy Ring.png Candy Ring 1.51% 1
Grid Death Seal.png Death Seal 1.13% 1
Grid Shard of Life.png Shard of Life 1.13% 1
Grid Regeneration Stone.png Regeneration Stone 1.13% 1
Grid Vampire Blade.png Vampire Blade 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Gloves.png Valkyrie Gloves 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Boots.png Valkyrie Boots 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Helmet.png Valkyrie Helmet 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Leggings.png Valkyrie Leggings 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Chestplate.png Valkyrie Chestplate 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Axe.png Valkyrie Axe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Shovel.png Valkyrie Shovel 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Pickaxe.png Valkyrie Pickaxe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Lance.png Valkyrie Lance 0.75% 1
Grid Ear Caps.png Mouse Ear Cap 0.38% 1
Grid Orb of Arkenzus.png Orb of Arkenzus 0.38% 1


  • It is recommended to enter the Slider's Labyrinth after having Gravitite Armor, as this can prevent fall damage from the Sentry's explosion, and Gravitite tools, as those will cause the enemies to fly upwards, therefore killing most of them with fall damage.
  • If the game is set to peaceful difficulty, all three minibosses and the Slider deal no damage to the player.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
No Turning Back.png No Turning Back Enter the Slider's Labyrinth Hostile Paradise Enter a Slider's Labyrinth dungeon through a Slider Labyrinth Totem


Issues relating to the Slider's Labyrinth are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Slider's Labyrinth there.


Aether II

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • Revamped dungeon system
    • Fixed respawning issues within Slider's Labyrinth where players would teleport to a flatland void
    • Fixed bug where leaving a Slider's Labyrinth could sometimes teleport players to the Nether
    • Some balance changes to Slider's Labyrinth loot.
    • Fixed a major issue where Slider's Labyrinth spawners wouldn't spawn hostile mobs
  • 1.6.4-3.41: The Slider's Labyrinth HUD no longer renders outside of themselves when teleporting
    • Loot drops balanced in the Slider's Labyrinth chests
    • Lowered mini-boss count in the Slider's Labyrinth from five to three
  • 1.7.10-1.3: Added new improved textures to Slider's Labyrinth mobs
  • 1.7.10-1.4: New Labyrinth Pillar and Carved Labyrinth Pillar blocks, which have replaced the previously generated White Gold Pillar and White Gold Carved Pillar blocks in the Slider's Labyrinth
  • 1.7.10-1.5:
    • Slider's Labyrinth generation has been optimized to help reduce server load and improve performance
    • Slider's Labyrinth generation is now faster
    • Fixed a block duplication bug with Slider's Labyrinth blocks.
  • 1.7.10-1.6:
    • Slider's Labyrinth loot tweaked
    • Fixed Slider's Labyrinth mobs dropping Sentry Stone with the wrong metadata.