The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The Aether mod adds self-referential splashes to its menu screen. Most of the splashes are added by Collin1971, a developer for the Aether mod.


This table contains every splash the Aether mod adds.

Splash Text Reference
Blue Grass! Refers to Aether Grass.
The Slider has awoken! Refers to the Slider boss found in the Dungeon.
There's a bunny on your head! Right-clicking an Aerbunny will mount it upon your head.
Nerfed Zephyrs! Refers to the amount of requests the Aether team gets to nerf Zephyrs.
Zephyr Targeting !!! Refers to an old debug message that would spam server consoles when a Zephyr was attempting to track the player.
Floating pink stuff! Gravitite Ore floats upwards when nothing is above it.
Is it a plane? Is it a whale? A parody of the common "Is it a plane? Is it a bird?" phrase, but instead with Aerwhales.
No turning back. Refers to the achievement when entering a Dungeon.
Now with less dev halos! After an internal dispute within the team, the developer halos (which appeared only as a cosmetic for developers of the mod) were made a toggle-able option for individual developers.
Purple slimes! Refers to a common phrase new players say upon their encounter with Swet Jellies.
Flaming swords! The Aether adds the Flaming Sword, which ignites enemies.
Cloud creatures! Refers to Zephyrs and Tempests.
Like a bossaru! Refers to the achievement in the original Aether after defeating the Slider boss.
Do ya' wanna do a dungeon? Parody of a popular line from the movie Frozen by Disney. ("Do you wanna build a snowman?")
Rosriknalrocarth the Labyrinth Eye! Bosses have wacky randomly generated names.
Don't look down! The Aether dimension resides high up in the sky. Falling out of the Aether will send you hurling down to the Overworld, and most likely to your death.
Better than ever! N/A
Right click to dismount! Refers to the player having to right-click to dismount Aether mobs, rather than sneaking.
Trapped chests! Refers to the Mimics found within the Dungeon.
White Apples! The Aether adds the White Apple to the game, which clears all potion effects.
Killing the animals; you know you want to! N/A
A present inside a present inside a present- A reference to a bug encountered during internal testing of the Presents added in the Festive Update. Players could put presents inside of presents indefinitely, leading to very strange behavior.
Continuum divided by zero! Refers to the common idea that dividing by zero will cause either the destruction of the universe or a very large explosion. See Continuum Bombs.
Feeling lucky? Refers to the Lucky Bell, which causes mobs to randomly drop presents.
Snowballs of death! The Daggerfrost Locket causes snowballs to deal damage.
Jingle bells, jingle bells. A popular song sung during the holiday season. Added with the Festive Update.
Drop rates, 75% off! N/A
It's a feature, not a bug! A recurring joke within the team when interesting or fun bugs are discovered.
Why isn't it snowing? The Aether dimension has no weather, and as such, it cannot snow during the holidays.
I can't believe it's not Mutation! Stab at the developers for the Mutation Update still being unreleased.
I can't believe it's still not Mutation! Another stab at the developers.
Now with less capes! Refers to the removal of Capes in the 1.7.10-1.0 release of the Aether mod.


  • Pressing ESC in the main menu will reload the menu, causing a new splash to appear. (likely to be removed)


2015-06-10 14.04

The aether II title screen with the splash The Slider has awoken!