The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

Splashes are the yellow flashing words on the title screen, although they appear in regular minecraft, the aether team has add many special ones referencing the aether.


here are all the splashes so far in the aether:

splash Text Reference
Right click to dismount! A reference to the saddle, when you are mounted to an animal you can't shift to get off, instead you must right click the saddle to get off.
Is it a plane? Is it a whale? A reference to the aerwhale.
No turning back. A reference the achievement No turning back. The achievement is earned by entering The Slider's Labyrinth.
Like a bosseru! A reference the achievement Like a bosseru!, The achievement is earned by conquering The Slider's Labyrinth.
Cloud creatures! A reference to all of the mobs in the aether.
Floating pink stuff! May be a reference to the sheepuff sence they float downwards when they eat grass and they can spawn with pink wool.
Trapped chests! A reference to the Mimic.
Don't look down! A reference to the aether being above the overworld. If you fall out of the aether, you spawn falling from the building height all the way to a most likely deadly fall on the surface of the overworld.
Flaming swords! A reference to the Flaming sword, it has the ability to set mobs on fire. It can only be obtained from dungeons.
Killing the animals; you know you want to! There are a lot of mobs that drop useful items in the aether some useful drops are feathers or aechor petals
The Slider has awoken! A reference to the Slider, the final boss of The Slider's Labyrinth.
Purple slimes! A reference to swets. Their are 3 different colored swets: Blue, Golden, and Purple
There's a bunny on your head! If you right click an Aerbunny, it will appear on top of your head and you will be able to slowly fall down cliffs and jumps and other things.
White Apples! A reference to the White Apple. When you eat it, it will remove a static effects much like milk would.
Do ya' wanna do a dungeon? A reference to the party system, when you want to do a dungeon with a party, everyone has to agree on it by accepting the invitation to do the dungeon raid.
Now with less dev glow! aether II has less dev glow now then aether I does.
Better than ever! The aether II includes much better graphics, mobs, a better dungeon style, and better items then aether I does.
Blue grass! Aether dirt is blue
Nerfed Zephyrs! Zephyrs are going to be nerfed in a future update.
Rosriknalrocarth the Labyrinth Eye! A reference to the bosses of the aether, the aether bosses always have crazy long names that may or may not be real.
Zephyr Targeting !!! A reference to the Zephyrs new AI attack pattern. Once a Zephyr spots you, it will fly around you, slowing getting closer and when close enough will attempt to blow you into the air. If you get out of range, it will abandon its attack and float somewhat peacefully yet again. 


  • If you hit Esc while in the title screen, it will reset and a new splash will be there.


The aether II title screen with the splash The Slider has awoken!