The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

The Sun Altar is a block recieved after defeating the Sun Spirit, as of the Aether 1.9 Pre-release. The Sun Spirit drops the Sun Altar upon death, as well as the Gold Key. The Sun Altar allows the user to control the time in the Aether, with the GUI being opened by right clicking the Sun Altar after placing it. The player can slide a sl

Sun Altar (The Aether)

ider which determines the time of day, with the very far left of the bar consisting of dawn, and the very far right consisting of night. As time passes in the Aether after deafeating the Sun Spirit, the player will need to continually move the slider back into position to keep the time at the position they require.


If you try to use the Sun Altar in any other dimension than the Aether, in the chat it will say "The Sun Spirit has no power over this realm"

Known Bugs[]

  • Due to the Achievement reset glitch in the Aether 1.9 Pre-release, once the player quits and re-enters the game, the Sun Altar will no longer be usable, as the game will not recognize that the player has defeated the Sun Spirit, and another will not spawn to replace the one that was killed before.

As of Aether II Alpha, the Sun Altar has not been implemented yet.