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Swetty Pendant
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Grid layout None (small)
Grid Swetty Pendant
Type Necklace
Durability Infinite

The Swetty Pendant is an accessory  introduced in the Aether II Alpha Update. It allows the player to scale on any type of block while falling by just equipping the pendant in the Necklace slot. It is not required for any key to be pressed (besides the movement key) for this effect to occur, as one can simply "walk" to the block as if s/he was falling down a ladder.


As of Aether II V1.7.10-0 the Swetty Pendant has been removed.


  • Swetty Pendant no longer allows you to scale blocks, only 'gliding' down when you are near a block. This does not properly negate fall damage.

This item can be obtained either by defeating the Slider in the Slider's Labyrinth or from using a Continuum Orb.

2013-06-19 16.20

Player equipped with a Swetty Pendant