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Tracking Golem
Display Tracking Golem
Health 20 (120px-Heart.svg × 10)
Spawn Slider's Labyrinth dungeons
Damage 2 (120px-Heart.svg)

Tracking Golems are hostile mobs found in the Aether. Their eyes and its orb turns red when hostile.


Tracking Golems stalk the player until they are in its range. Accompanied by a ringing sound, the golem will lock the player's reticle onto itself, turn its color to red and inflict Nausea IV and Slowness IV. All three effects last until the golem is defeated or the player moves out of its sight. Tracking Golems will inflict Nausea IV when they die. This can be extremely hazardous if other mobs such as Sentries are nearby. Provided the player is close enough, the golem will charge at them and inflict damage. They have a high amount of health, so a good weapon is recommended.


  • OscarPayn worked on a concept for this mob, as a humanoid android of stone and light. His concept was only in greyscale so it did not show the light projecting qualities of it. Oscar left the team temporarily, afterwards.
  • In 2012, the Aether team decided to completely re-code the original Aether to create the Aether II. Some of the first things that were added were the Golem mobs.
  • Both the Sentry and Tracking Golems were made using the same design sheet, as OscarPayn had temporarily left the team during early development of the Aether II.
  • Their design was made by OscarPayn as one of the Aether's first 'Scary Mobs'.
  • First proposed by Kingbdogz to [OscarPayn]], the idea was originally for both the Tracking and Sentry Golems to be one single mob. The only specifications for it were that it would be 2 blocks tall like the player and that it be 'scary'.


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