The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

At the moment, this page only has troubleshooting on the Aether I. For tips and guidence for the Aether II, visit Getting Started

This troubleshooting page is made to help with any installation problems you might encounter. Please keep in mind that it is hard to account for every possible bug. When reading the solutions to a problem, it is best to read down the list and try each solution until one works. If you do not see your problem listed, post a question in the comments below or on the Aether forum thread.

I get a black screen when I start Minecraft[]

This could be caused by a number of problems...

  • First and foremost, did you remember to delete META-INF?
  • Are you sure waited long enough after starting Minecraft? Since the v1.02 patch, there is a 2-4 second delay before the menu shows up, as the new main menu is graphically intense. The delay can sometimes be mistaken for a black screen.
  • Make sure you are using version 5.1 of ShockAhPI, available here.

Still getting a black screen? Here are some solutions for problems with specific mods:

Single Player Commands[]

If you are using Single Player Commands with the Aether, you must use the SPC Patch and install it after installing SPC. Download the patch here.

Other mods[]

It is possible that one of your mods simply doesn't work with the Aether. One easy, but not definite, way to identify incompatible mods is by checking for class files that your mod and the Aether (or any of the required API mods) uses. A list of known incompatible mods is available here.

Items don't drop when I break blocks[]

Your version of ModLoader is outdated; get the latest version here.

Some Aether items don't appear in TooManyItems[]

This is an intentional feature in update v1.02. It is, however, possible to override it and make the missing items appear; see TooManyItems#Use_with_Aether for instructions on how to do this.

Aether portals don't work[]

This is a known bug with Better Than Wolves; uninstall that mod to fix the problem.

I re-spawned on top of the Nether[]

This is caused by an incompatible mod. Possible suspects include Survivalism and Better Than Wolves.

Hostile mobs in the Aether aren't attacking me[]

Be sure to turn off Peaceful mode if you want to be attacked.

Are you having trouble with Valkyries or dungeon bosses not attacking you? Those mobs won't attack you until you attack them.

Some mobs are solid white/Aether sounds don't play[]

A commonly reported example of this is when Aerwhales appear solid white.

  • Make sure you also copied the contents of the "Resources" folder in the Aether download file to your ".minecraft" folder, and not into the JAR file.

Tamed Moas keep disappearing[]

Moas despawn when you close Minecraft. It's a known bug that should be fixed sometime in the future.

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