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23 year old from the west coast. Loves video games, computers, and technology. My particular skills are graphical based, as I draw digitally, do pixel art, and also occasionally dab in small amounts of video game development and video game modding. Mostly just screwing around with it/small projects, but I have attempted bigger prospects in the past with that.

Further information on some of my favorite things, to give people a better picture of what I'm into.

Films: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jurassic Park, and Drive
Shows: The Boondocks, House, and Futurama
Books: Maus, Jurassic Park, and The Giver
Games: Chrono Trigger, Hotline Miami, and The Binding of Isaac/Rebirth

My favorite pages

Nothing yet!

Wiki Projects

  • Update all Block pages: 100/100 (as of current build)
  • Update all Item pages: 0/167 (as of current build)

Earned User Achievements

Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different) Date
Grid Glowstone.png Hostile Paradise Join the wiki! None Make your first edit or upload May 14, 2015
Grid Carved Stone.png Bronze Dungeon Conqueror Make 100 edits Hostile Paradise Make a total of 100 edits May 17, 2015
Grid Angelic Stone.png Silver Dungeon Conqueror Make 250 edits Bronze Dungeon Conqueror Make a total of 250 edits January 8, 2016
Grid Hellfire Stone.png Gold Dungeon Conqueror Make 500 edits Silver Dungeon Conquer Make a total of 500 edits January 8, 2016
Grid Enchanted Gravitite.png Platinum Dungeon Conqueror Make 1000 edits Gold Dungeon Conquer Make a total of 1000 edits January 11, 2016
Grid Aether Grass.png The Blockutilitarian Update all Block pages Hostile Paradise Bring all 100 current build Block pages up to date January 13, 2016