The Aether Wiki: Genesis of the Void

A valkyrie in a silver dungeon

Valkyries are neutral mobs who prove themselves through battle. They will not attack unless provoked, and are found only in Silver Dungeons. They seem to be immune to the special effect of the Flaming Sword. They will teleport away if on the peaceful difficulty setting. Upon death, they will drop a Victory Medal. You will need 10 of these medals to initiate the boss battle. The boss, as a Valkyrie, is very honorable as well, and will let you start the battle whenever you are ready, but only after getting 10 Victory Medals from the other valkyries in the dungeon. Maybe a bug, Valkyries will not teleport when they are hit by a projectile of the Hammer of Notch.

As of Aether II Alpha, Valkyries have yet to be introduced as Silver Dungeons haven't been implemented yet.


  • Valkyries sometimes manage to teleport themselves out of the dungeon, and if you are on Peaceful you can see them wander about close to the dungeon.
  • When attacked, defeated or when managing to kill the player, the Valkyries will "say" a sentence that appears like a normal chat message would, this can be a convenient way to tell when the Valkyrie is dead instead of just teleporting.
  • If attacked Valkyries will follow you even if you leave the dungeon (it's very hard to avoid them since they fly and teleport).
  • Valkyries will also teleport behind you, which makes them even more difficult to "defeat".
  • Go towards a corner when you trigger a Trap Block as soon as a Valkyrie appears. This prevents it from teleporting behind you to attack. If it teleports away, don't go after it; don't give it a chance to teleport behind you. Instead, wait for it to reappear in front of you.