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Health 40 (120px-Heart.svg × 20)

Zephyroos were passive kangaroo-like mobs that appeared in the Aether II: Genesis of the Void mod.


They commonly spawned in groups and did not stray far from their initial spawn point.


They would constantly jump around and were completely passive, unable to fight back. Due to their jumping abilities, they were difficult to pursue if the player attacked one.


  • The Aether team planned for this mob to run around wearing Zanite "boxing gloves" and had joked at making it a mob that only attacks Double (Mr360games). They may have also made the mob neutral (like Zombie Pigmen) which means that if you had hit them, they would fight back. There were also plans to have them be rideable with a saddle attached.
  • Zephyroos had a special behavior whenever they were near YouTuber ClashJTM]. They will start hopping around him and display the message "Pls lov me Clashy <3" as seen in episode two of his Aether II Let's Play series]. This is a joke coded in the game by Kingbdogz[citation needed] to play with Clash, and is probably suggested by Double (Mr360Games).
  • Zephyroos could be ridden without a saddle
  • Zephyroos had more health than all other passive Aether mobs
  • Zephyroos had a very thin hitbox, making them very difficult to hit


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